The reason we exist:

We are an optimistic and ambitious lot, hoping to impact all of humanity. So here is our reason to exist: To ensure lasting health and wellbeing of humanity, by pre-empting diseases and offering preventive, precision, natural medication.

It’s the simple thought of bringing two worlds together – can the goodness of nature turn a new leaf and embrace the rigors of science? We believe, yes.

That’s why we are setting a new standard of precision and efficacy in plant-based medications.

Holistic Diabetes Care.

The Deadly Diabetes

Just under half a billion people are living with diabetes worldwide and the number is projected to increase by 25% in 2030 and 51% in 2045. What’s more one in two (50.1%) people living with diabetes do not know that they have diabetes.

Given the prevalence, Diabetes is intensely researched. A total of 255 high-quality data sources, published between 1990 and 2018 and representing 138 countries were identified.

The cost of such a deadly disease both in terms of human lives and economy can only be imagined.

Research shows that it is amongst the top 10, causes of death in adults, and was estimated to have caused four million deaths globally in 2017. In 2017, global health expenditure on diabetes was estimated to be USD 727 billion.

Overall, there are three main types. You would have heard the terms being referred to with a note of anxiety and anguish. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) , Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and gestational diabetes. From these the one that rears its head in lab tests most frequently is Type 2 diabetes (T2D) which accounts for approximately 90% of the total. Indeed that is eyebrow raising. We need to look a little deeper and a few answers do emerge. A rapid increase in urbanisation, and obesogenic environments are cutting across age groups, in many geographies. Incidence rates of T1D are also rising, contributing to the increase in diabetes prevalence.

Holo Diabetis is a precision nutraceutical product comprising natural, water-soluble extracts like Syzygium Cumini (jamun), Ashwagandha, and Shatavari. With its potent natural ingredients, Holo Diabetis aids in regulating liver and pancreas functioning, improving insulin activity and sensitivity, enhancing Immunity, and stress & anxiety relief
Our patent-pending formulation process and nanotechnology ensure precision care with 90 times higher efficacy, even with a much lower dosage.
Ingredients Quantity
Nano-formulated Ashwagandha, Jamun (Syzygium Cumini), Shatavari 130.0 mg
Pectin 7 mg
Serving Size: 1 Tablet [600 mg]
Nutrients Quantity
Energy 0.13 K Cal
Protein 0.08 mg
Carbohydrates 0.03 mg
Dietary Fibre 0 mg
Fat 0 mg

Two Tablets per day or as directed by your health care professional.

Push back
diabetes. With

Holo Diabetis embraces nature and adds science to the mix. With nature-inspired technologies, the goodness of plants is extracted and directed to right where it's needed, with precision and efficacy. Patent-pending unique formulation and nanotechnology are being used for diabetes care.

Listen to the plants.

Some date it back to Hippocrates. Some later. Yet the fundamentals remain the same, pain should not precede a potential possibility.

All we have to do is embrace the plant. Follow the science.

Here is the goodness of the plants which contribute to the making of Holo Diabetis:


A. Jamun (Syzygium Cumini)

There is a good reason our elders had homes with the Jamun tree. As per traditional Ayurvedic medicine, the key ingredient that shows anti-diabetic action is jamboline, a chemical found in the Jamun (Syzygium Cumini) seeds. It has been found that jamun seeds, which are rich in alkaloids, have hypoglycemic effects with up to 30 percent reduction in blood sugar when consumed regularly.

Experts suggest that jamun seeds extract can be taken for both type-2 diabetes, insulin-dependent or non-insulin-dependent. According to experts, the use of jamun seeds powder is beneficial at the IFG (Impaired Fasting Glucose) stage. Consuming seeds powder helps in the regulation of IFG, which further prevents the early onset of diabetes and further conditions.

Here’s how Jamun seed extract is beneficial for people with diabetes:

Jamboline and jambosine in jamun seeds are potent in nature and have medicinal properties that can facilitate quicker healing. These phytochemicals help in slowing down release of sugar and giving a boost to insulin production - the two functions that are important for keeping diabetes under control.

Jamun seed powder can also help in reducing blood sugar levels.

Jamun seeds contain alkaloids, which convert starch into energy and helps in reducing diabetes symptoms like constantly feeling thirsty and frequent urination.

They are rich in fibre which can give a boost to digestive system. A healthy digestive system can help in giving a boost to immunity and reduce risks and side effects associated with diabetes.

Research indicates that Jamun seed extract lowers blood sugar levels by:

a.Reducing of free radicals and improving the functioning of beta cells of pancreas

b.Stimulating the activation of enzymes and synthesis of antioxidants

c.Resulting in upregulation of insulin, in other words increase in sensitivity in response of the body cells to insulin

d.Resulting in synthesis and reduction of blood sugar

B. Ashwagandha

Legends have conjured images of the potency of Ashwagandha. This is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, a form of alternative medicine based on Indian principles of natural healing.

In several studies, Ashwagandha has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. One test-tube study found that it increased insulin secretion and improved insulin sensitivity in muscle cells[X]. Also, several human studies have suggested that it can reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy people and those with diabetes [X].

Other health benefits of Ashwagandha include:

Alleviates Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

Fights DepressionBoosts Fertility & Reproductive Health

Increases Muscle Mass & Strength

Improves Hearth Health

Improves brain functioning

Fights Ageing

Fights Parkinson’s Disease

C. Shatavari

Shatavari is also known as Asparagus racemosus. Shatavari is a member of the asparagus family. Therein lies the origin of the refrain – eat your asparagus.

Shatavari is considered a general health tonic to improve vitality, making it a staple in ayurvedic medicine. Keep reading to learn more about the other health benefits it may offer. According to a 2004 study Trusted Source, a new antioxidant called Racemofuran was identified within the Shatavari root. Two known antioxidants — Asparagamine A and Racemosol — were also found.

Racemofuran, which is found in Shatavari, also has significant anti-inflammatory capabilities. According to a 2007 study, Shatavari may help maintain blood sugar levels. It’s thought compounds within the herb stimulate insulin production. researchers suggest understanding how Shatavari impacts blood sugar may hold the key to the development of new diabetes treatments.

Other key benefits of Shatavari include

Boosts immunity

Helps in cough relief

Helps treat diarrhea

Acts as a diuretic

Helps treat ulcers

Helps treat kidney stones

Lowers skin ageing

The Research.

In our clinical research studies here we’ve put a plant-based diet to the test with thousands of patients who have type 2 diabetes. Holo Diabetis has been given to a select set of patients.

In our clinical research studies here we’ve put a plant-based diet to the test with thousands of patients who have type 2 diabetes. Holo Diabetis has been given to a select set of patients.


Sustainability and Traceability.

With own farms and carefully selected farmer partners, the Ashwagandha is superior, safe, traceable, and produced in an ethical, consistent and sustained manner. These partners share our values and commitment to sustainable and ethical farming methods. When it comes to sustainability too, we believe in a holistic approach and not just the sustainability of produce. From time to time, we introduce new-age and precision farming methods for (a.) higher yields, in shorter crop cycles, (b.) Eco-friendly farming techniques to ensure zero harm to the environment and (c.) Enable growing consistent quality plants for Ashwagandha extraction, 365 days a year.

As we own and control the entire value chain, we provide complete traceability of the produce like never before – starting from the seed to tablet.

Extracted like no other.

Our Ashwagandha is sourced only from those who use aqueous and organic extraction methods, which makes the Holistic Ashwagandha 100% water-soluble.

While the organic and aqueous methods have a higher outlay in comparison, it has two major advantages – One, all the highly volatile, but highly potent compounds stay intact. Two, the Ashwagandha thus extracted remains 100% water-soluble.

Thus, retaining the complete goodness of the Ashwagandha and making it the purest, safest, and most potent in delivering the health benefits.

Meet the Difference.

The conventional, existing solvent-based solution defeats its reason for existence as it evaporates some of the more potent but volatile compounds and leaves behind harmful chemical residues.

The aqueous and organic methods, while involving a higher outlay, result in the purest and safest extracts, which are water-soluble as well. The potent volatile compounds also remain to deliver holistic benefits of the phytonutrients and ensure a higher efficacy.

Patented precision nano-technology.

Our unique nanotechnology (patent-pending) ensures that the Ashwagandha and the other active ingredients are as per the stipulated nano-size, which is what is required to ensure that the Ashwagandha is not thrown out of the human body by the ever-efficient metabolism.

Thus, making the active ingredients 100% bioavailable. What we do is rather simple. We reduce the Ashwagandha to a particle size small enough to get past the digestive enzymes of the gastrointestinal tract and enter the bloodstream, intact.

Further, our disruptive encapsulation and formulation technologies ascertain that these active ingredients reach the parts of the body, which actually need the treatment, ensuring a sustained release of these ingredients.

Doctor speak

Doctors emphasize the need to place the patient first and look for solutions that are not an either-or. A careful study of the data on hand backed by clinical tests leads to a better-informed solution

Dr. Nitin Darbarwar, an MD with over 15 years and dealing with diabetic patients, says "We aim to reduce their dependency on pharmaceutical drugs to maintain insulin levels and other side effects which come with it. This led to doing R&D with nutraceutical products, which can be delivered precisely using nanotechnology, with phenomenal results."


Arm Your Body. Above all, the mind.

There’s an increased risk of depression and anxiety in people with diabetes or other chronic conditions. According to some studies, increased stress can affect the ability of people with diabetes to manage blood sugar levels and medications.

Mind-body approaches can help people with diabetes deal with these concerns.



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